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Hello! Sorry I haven't been updating since the movie came out, but I have been very busy stuck in the Twilight-movie-blackhole, seeing it as many times as possible, not being able to function...etc... (sad, I know) but I loved every second. Then family and holidays took over...working this time of year in retail is like being in jail. Very few phonecalls.

So, without further ado,


THE LA TIMES Has posted "Top 10 Reasons why Breaking Dawn should not be made into a movie." Agree? Disagree? Check it out.

Twilighters Anonymous decorated a Twilight-themed treeand auctioned it off for charity. It's really cool!

Hot Topic is continuing to roll out a slew of merchandise, including all of the Cullen Crest jewelry, a locket, heart necklaces, a jewelry box, trading cards, patches, stickers, etc.

FYE STORES are already taking pre-orders for the Twilight DVD, special edition and standard edition, that is due to be out around the week of Valentines day next year.

TwilightNovelNovice has released a Twilight Holiday Shopping Guide that is pretty comprehensive, including Hot Topic, Borders, and some unique online shops for a variety of cool Twimerch. One store they do leave out is FYE, a chain that provides some of the regular fare, lifesize character cutouts, stickers, keychains, lunchboxes, and other goodies.

The Australian Twilight Convention was this weekend in Sydney. Check out an article about it here: Twihards line up as cult puts bite on...

Publisher's Weekly is reporting that Twilight the Saga is outselling expectations and has to have upwards of 7 million reprints to keep books on the shelves this holiday season: Article here.

Peter Facinelli, the actor who portrays Carlisle Cullen, is auctioning off his crest ring and a signed boxed set of the novels for charity, as announced on The Bonnie Hunt Show. The auction is up to $3,050! All proceeds are going to be donated to cancer research.

Want to know what Stephenie Meyer's vampire ability would be? Check out the moviephone unscripted interview on MoviePhone Also check out the clip about Rob's dream car.

Chain store Rue21 is now offering some Twilight-related swag: Twilight tees for just $9.99! They have some cute ones, like "Team Bella" and "I kissed a vampire and I liked it." (Thanks to my personal friend Andrea, Rue21 employee, for letting me in on this info!)

TwilightMoms and Twilight20somethings are uniting to see Twilight on it's original release date, December 12, to boost its ratings even more and give a little thank nyou to Summit for moving the movie forward. Check it out here to get in on the fun!

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November 12 News Roundup

We are only 8 days away from the midnight premier of Twilight! That being said, Seth announced on S.Meyer's official site that the Twilight soundtrack is the #1 best selling album this week on Billboard! That is unprecedented for a soundtrack, especially before the movie release. Yay Twilighters!

Also the cover of USA weekend got a sneak preview on Steph's site. Check that out for listings of where it's available in you area.

MTV has an interview with Catherine Hardwicke about the DVD of Twilight, potential sequels, and the fact that she shot a Midnight Sun-specific deleted scene to be included in the DVD release.

There's a great interview with Stephenie Meyer about the book-to-film process and a little about Midnight Sun over on Collider.

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News Roundup

A wrap-up of some recent Twilight news:

1) Borders has a section up for their Twilight Pre-movie parties on November 15. They are having charades, interview/clips/behind the scenes/trailer viewings, soundtrack listening, scene discussion, and more. Check it out here: Borders Twilight Parties.

2) "Robert Pattinson, Cedric Diggory in "Harry Potter," plays Edward. Some fans found him to be not gorgeous enough. I invite them to check their eyesight. That said, his image on the "Twilight" poster is icky and he should totally fire his stylist." says MSN Movie's "Parents Guide to Twilight." Read the whole article.

3) More buzz about Twilight being a smash breakout hit is brewing based on it's already unbelievable internet sales, with the movie making up over 60% of Fandango's revenue. News in Film has the story.

4) Posted some B-Reels and a "4 Minute Sizzle Reel" that is sure to get Twilight fans' blood moving. Beware of minor scene spoilers! The awesome clips here.

5) Also on a Interview with director Catherine Hardwicke, she revealed that there are going to be 12 deleted scenes on the Twilight DVD! She also talks about some scene montages she put together and a music video. The whole article is pretty good, so check it out!

6)Pattinson Online has a great new interview with R.Pattz, the title quote being, "You seriously should not like me." Check it out.

7) An NBC-exclusive Twilight clip is airing during the new Heroes episode on Monday, November 10, at 9pm EST.

8) have some great HQ scans of the awesome photoshoot and article from Entertainment Weekly. You can read the whole article there too! Article scan w/ HQ images here. Session #2 Outtakes here!

9) MetroLyrics has posted the complete lyrics for the new Twilight soundtrack: Read them all here!



1) Haagen Dazs ice cream made (count it) THREE Twilight-flavored ice creams. YUM! Read about them here: TWILIGHT ICE CREAM

2) More rumors are going on about New Moon but (as pointed out in the comments) nothing has been confirmed: Rumor mill...

3) Twilight movie tickets have gone on sale on Fandango and on AMC. They are apparently selling QUICKLY.

4) Borders book stores are having pre-movie parties on November 15. Visit and search for your closest store, and the events will be listed underneath it. See if yours is throwing a Twiparty! (Mine is!!!)

5) Ashley Greene (Alice) and Kellan Lutz (Emmett) will BOTH be attending Twicon, AccioCon, and Flashback Weekend's Chicago Twilight convention. The Bella Cullen Project is playing Twicon as well.

6) Paramore's music video for Decode is set to premier Nov 3! More cool info about the soundtrack can be found on S.Meyer's official Twilight Movie section. (See link in #7)

7) Twilight cast members are touring the can see who is going where on S.Meyer's Movie page: Check it here!

8) Hot Topic is rolling out new merch every week: shirts for all the Cullen siblings, new Edward/Bella shirts, etc...lots of new stuff sure to come out before and after the movie too, check it out at Hot Topic Online. And on the topic of Twilight-related stuff: there is going to be a Twilight board game!

9) Robert Pattinson is going to be on TRL (MTV) Thursday, November 6th!

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Party with Twilight!!!

Party with the ‘Twilight’ soundtrack Oct. 24


You can hear the entire “Twilight” soundtrack at exclusive listening parties at 7 p.m. Oct. 24 at the five Hot Topic stores around town.

In the KC area, those stores are at Oak Park Mall, The Legends, Zona Rosa, Independence Center and the Great Mall.

The soundtrack isn’t due out until Nov. 4, but the parties will showcase the previously unreleased songs from Paramore, Rob Pattinson, Perry Farrell and Mutemath, and the unveiling of “Bella’s Lullaby.”

The stores will offer 10 percent off your Twilight purchase at the event, and you can preorder the soundtrack to get a special gift (but we haven't found anyone who knows what that is, though).

Meanwhile, , according to the latest posting at (run by Meyer’s brother Seth), The Twilight Saga Box Set, including all four hardcover books, has been officially released and is now shipping. Same with Twilight: The Complete Illustrated Movie Companion. Check