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1) Haagen Dazs ice cream made (count it) THREE Twilight-flavored ice creams. YUM! Read about them here: TWILIGHT ICE CREAM

2) More rumors are going on about New Moon but (as pointed out in the comments) nothing has been confirmed: Rumor mill...

3) Twilight movie tickets have gone on sale on Fandango and on AMC. They are apparently selling QUICKLY.

4) Borders book stores are having pre-movie parties on November 15. Visit Borders.comBorders.com and search for your closest store, and the events will be listed underneath it. See if yours is throwing a Twiparty! (Mine is!!!)

5) Ashley Greene (Alice) and Kellan Lutz (Emmett) will BOTH be attending Twicon, AccioCon, and Flashback Weekend's Chicago Twilight convention. The Bella Cullen Project is playing Twicon as well.

6) Paramore's music video for Decode is set to premier Nov 3! More cool info about the soundtrack can be found on S.Meyer's official Twilight Movie section. (See link in #7)

7) Twilight cast members are touring the states...you can see who is going where on S.Meyer's Movie page: Check it here!

8) Hot Topic is rolling out new merch every week: shirts for all the Cullen siblings, new Edward/Bella shirts, etc...lots of new stuff sure to come out before and after the movie too, check it out at Hot Topic Online. And on the topic of Twilight-related stuff: there is going to be a Twilight board game!

9) Robert Pattinson is going to be on TRL (MTV) Thursday, November 6th!

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