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News Roundup

A wrap-up of some recent Twilight news:

1) Borders has a section up for their Twilight Pre-movie parties on November 15. They are having charades, interview/clips/behind the scenes/trailer viewings, soundtrack listening, scene discussion, and more. Check it out here: Borders Twilight Parties.

2) "Robert Pattinson, Cedric Diggory in "Harry Potter," plays Edward. Some fans found him to be not gorgeous enough. I invite them to check their eyesight. That said, his image on the "Twilight" poster is icky and he should totally fire his stylist." says MSN Movie's "Parents Guide to Twilight." Read the whole article.

3) More buzz about Twilight being a smash breakout hit is brewing based on it's already unbelievable internet sales, with the movie making up over 60% of Fandango's revenue. News in Film has the story.

4) Collider.com Posted some B-Reels and a "4 Minute Sizzle Reel" that is sure to get Twilight fans' blood moving. Beware of minor scene spoilers! The awesome clips here.

5) Also on a Collider.com Interview with director Catherine Hardwicke, she revealed that there are going to be 12 deleted scenes on the Twilight DVD! She also talks about some scene montages she put together and a music video. The whole article is pretty good, so check it out!

6)Pattinson Online has a great new interview with R.Pattz, the title quote being, "You seriously should not like me." Check it out.

7) An NBC-exclusive Twilight clip is airing during the new Heroes episode on Monday, November 10, at 9pm EST.

8) EdwardandBella.net have some great HQ scans of the awesome photoshoot and article from Entertainment Weekly. You can read the whole article there too! Article scan w/ HQ images here. Session #2 Outtakes here!

9) MetroLyrics has posted the complete lyrics for the new Twilight soundtrack: Read them all here!

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