Kay (asheneyed) wrote in supportmidsun,

November 12 News Roundup

We are only 8 days away from the midnight premier of Twilight! That being said, Seth announced on S.Meyer's official site that the Twilight soundtrack is the #1 best selling album this week on Billboard! That is unprecedented for a soundtrack, especially before the movie release. Yay Twilighters!

Also the cover of USA weekend got a sneak preview on Steph's site. Check that out for listings of where it's available in you area.

MTV has an interview with Catherine Hardwicke about the DVD of Twilight, potential sequels, and the fact that she shot a Midnight Sun-specific deleted scene to be included in the DVD release.

There's a great interview with Stephenie Meyer about the book-to-film process and a little about Midnight Sun over on Collider.


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