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News roundup

Hello! Sorry I haven't been updating since the movie came out, but I have been very busy stuck in the Twilight-movie-blackhole, seeing it as many times as possible, not being able to function...etc... (sad, I know) but I loved every second. Then family and holidays took over...working this time of year in retail is like being in jail. Very few phonecalls.

So, without further ado,


THE LA TIMES Has posted "Top 10 Reasons why Breaking Dawn should not be made into a movie." Agree? Disagree? Check it out.

Twilighters Anonymous decorated a Twilight-themed treeand auctioned it off for charity. It's really cool!

Hot Topic is continuing to roll out a slew of merchandise, including all of the Cullen Crest jewelry, a locket, heart necklaces, a jewelry box, trading cards, patches, stickers, etc.

FYE STORES are already taking pre-orders for the Twilight DVD, special edition and standard edition, that is due to be out around the week of Valentines day next year.

TwilightNovelNovice has released a Twilight Holiday Shopping Guide that is pretty comprehensive, including Hot Topic, Borders, and some unique online shops for a variety of cool Twimerch. One store they do leave out is FYE, a chain that provides some of the regular fare, lifesize character cutouts, stickers, keychains, lunchboxes, and other goodies.

The Australian Twilight Convention was this weekend in Sydney. Check out an article about it here: Twihards line up as cult puts bite on...

Publisher's Weekly is reporting that Twilight the Saga is outselling expectations and has to have upwards of 7 million reprints to keep books on the shelves this holiday season: Article here.

Peter Facinelli, the actor who portrays Carlisle Cullen, is auctioning off his crest ring and a signed boxed set of the novels for charity, as announced on The Bonnie Hunt Show. The auction is up to $3,050! All proceeds are going to be donated to cancer research.

Want to know what Stephenie Meyer's vampire ability would be? Check out the moviephone unscripted interview on MoviePhone Also check out the clip about Rob's dream car.

Chain store Rue21 is now offering some Twilight-related swag: Twilight tees for just $9.99! They have some cute ones, like "Team Bella" and "I kissed a vampire and I liked it." (Thanks to my personal friend Andrea, Rue21 employee, for letting me in on this info!)

TwilightMoms and Twilight20somethings are uniting to see Twilight on it's original release date, December 12, to boost its ratings even more and give a little thank nyou to Summit for moving the movie forward. Check it out here to get in on the fun!

That's all for now kids!


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