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Support Midnight Sun

the official LJ community for SupportMidnightSun.com

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SupportMidnightSun.com's Official Livejournal
Welcome to the official Livejournal community of Support Midnight Sun. We are a movement dedicated to supporting Stephenie Meyer and Midnight Sun. One of our many campaigners said it well, so I'll quote her here:

The purpose of this group is to support Stephenie Meyer and Midnight Sun. We mean no disrespect towards Stephenie or her decision to postpone the writing of Midnight Sun and have NO intentions of forcing her to continue working on the book. Rather, the point of this petition is to let Stephenie know that she has our full support and, despite the leak, we eagerly await the continuation and hopefully the eventual completion of Midnight Sun. We are hoping that maybe with an overwhelming response from her fans, Stephenie might reconsider the continuation of Midnight Sun. :)

We have several campaigns going on, so if you want to become part of our movement to Support Midnight Sun, please check out our website and join our group.